Course Reflection

Dear, Professor Linda Bay

I believe that I will be the best choice to teach english 106 at Purdue. I am a great writer as well as having a wealth of knowledge in many genres of writing. Being able to research about a topic is a major strength of mine. When I do research for a paper I go on many levels of research; primary, secondary, and tertiary. There is always information out there about topics in the world, enough to get really in-depth, and that’s what I strive for. I want my facts to be straight as in not having biases or not fully complete information. That being said, if I were to teach english 106 i would base the course heavily on research. Without some sort of research in a paper I believe that there is a flawed position in it. Some assignments I would have are newspaper type journals/articles, a research paper pertaining to the use of primary sources and statistics, and multimedia projects with topics that could be researched. Technology is another big deal for me, the use of it allows for the ideas of many people across the world. It is almost how every student learns nowadays. So something I would do to enhance this method is to have students do a paper about a way how people learn a language or grammar through the internet. Instead of reading a book like “They Say, I Say” I would have them research about how people can use the internet to practice their english and use those techniques within their paper, giving them practice on how to use proper English in papers they write.

A method that I would use to evaluate students work is their use of English and the research they included and how effective it was in their writing. If they use their research in a way that doesn’t contribute to their reasoning and thesis, they will not do well in my course. The main objective of the course that I hope to teach is that research should be the basis of their paper and how to use the research affectively. Research will always make your paper seem more reasonable and more believable with facts or other’s opinions to back up your own. I hope that my writing skills and the way that I teach will allow me to teach english 106 at Purdue University.

Sincerely, Benji Bevins

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