Thoughts on “Are politics behind DOD’s initial call to suspend football games?”

This is an article that I had come across in yahoo news. This articles states the the government is wanting to suspend the air force vs navy and army vs boston college games. Jay Hart believes that they are wanting to do this because the government want to get the publics attention, a political “power play”, that if things are not resolved soon it will be the end of the world. There was one problem with this, these athletic programs are not funded by the government. So the government could not shut the games down.

I am glad that the government was not allowed to suspend these games. If a reason for the government to try and make a political move on athletics because on the fact that people simplyh watch them, it will only make people more angry. It would make most people and players angry about the fact that they could not watch or play the game because most americans will not in the short term be affected by government shutdown. All in all, it makes me happy to say that the government cannot touch something that is not theirs.–are-politics-behind-potential-shutdown-of-college-football-games–224519088.html

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