Food: The Root of all health hazards (Review on Change for Hunger)

Food: Good or Bad?

            Food is a part of everyone’s daily life. We all have to eat every day whether it is healthy food or food that is terrible for our bodies. This is where the movie Hungry for Change comes in. The directors, James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, beautifully describe how dieting and the food industry are deceptive; a complete health and wellness documentary. They unfold the deep secrets of food in modern day. This movie tears apart to what we know about nutrition and pounded it into your brain, with this came repetitiveness.

            Hungry for Change, is about the corruption of the food itself within the food world. Speakers of the documentary implored that food choices you make are not by choice but by addiction, factors for obesity and diabetes. Companies nowadays put chemicals into their food that make people want to crave their products more. Medical experts stated, chemicals like sweetener, MSG, and corn syrups lead to addiction of foods. The food industry covers up how unhealthy their products are. Such as when a box of cereal says fat free. True, but sugar turns into fat when entered into your body. Experts would advocate that you should eat local foods (juicing), foods with high nutrition, and in return you will become more healthy.

            What is great about this film is that it brings out the ugly side of dieting and food marketing. They explore the facts that dieting does not bring healthiness and how chemicals like sugar are a drug. According to Northrup, “We need to realize that sugar is a drug just like heroin.” Both ‘drugs’ are addictive and bad for your health. The way the speakers talked about what is really in food and the reality of dieting, left me disgusted. I felt like I just wanted to stay away from unnatural sugars (impossible), and juice vegetables. The directors sent out a very strong message about healthy eating and wellness, but often repeated the same ideas, spanning sometimes half an hour. This can leave you being bored if you don’t care about your health.

            This movie is at the top of the health and wellness genre. They imbed you with terrifying facts about food, then leading to be happy and healthy. If you want your eating habits to change I suggest you watch it.

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