World War Z: Zombie Greatness?


Zombie Plague  

The film “World War Z” was directed by Marc Forster. He tried to base his movie on a book with the same title that was by written by Max Brooks. This movie is good action, adventurous, and zombie sci-fi; hence the Z standing for zombie. With Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane, the main character, Forster puts twists and turns in his path so that nothing seems what it really is. In that World War Z did have the upmost detail with the aspects of zombies, but missed some aspects from the source it came from and ideologies from genres that are supposed to make up the zombie film.

The film starts out with Gerry Lane, an ex- United Nations employee, with his family having a good time. Like any other zombie movie a pandemic starts, everything starts to get out of control. They are in New York City trying to escape the zombie pandemic; he and his family ended up getting help from an old friend of Lane’s from the UN. Lane now in debt of his friend has to travel the world, with time against him, in search for a cure. Him and a group of men are led into countries where are thought to be the origin in order to find a cure, but only to find infestations of zombies. They are in a fight against time; trying to find a cure all the while trying to stay alive.

Zombie films are meant to have a lot of zombie horde fighting interaction. World War Z showed ample examples of this. Such as when Lane was in Jerusalem; there was a giant wall that protected them from zombie attacks. Zombies only attack in this film when loud noises are present. Well people got too loud within the city so zombies started to scale the wall and started panic, with everyone running around and zombie hordes engulfing people. Most of the scenes of zombie human interactions were like a war zones, people running scared.



There is always an adventure that occurs with most zombie type movies. This is basically what the whole movie is, Lane trying to find a cure. This happens in the Resident Evil films, people from Raccoon City trying to escape the treacheries of zombies. Never able to find an actual cure for the disease, but what’s weird is that in the movie Lane actually does. Zombie adventures usually end up worse than what they started at. When it seemed like Lane was at his bottom something happened. World War Z shows differences from a usual Resident Evil or 28 Weeks later survival type movie, but it’s what sets this movie apart.

Some things did not work out so well with this movie. Sci-fi zombie films most likely than not have horror in it. It did not seem like there was any sort of horror in the movie. Yes there was deep and loud music at intense moments, but that does not make it terrifying. This movie is more for the action and adventurousness than trying to scare people. You would be freaked out if you were Lane, having a wall of zombies wanting to get you. But were all in the audience and that’s more thrilling for us then trying to scare. I will have to agree with one critic, David Nusair, in that some parts of Lane’s adventure were a little ‘dull’. Besides the action happening around them there was little juice at the soul of the journey. It was almost like all the zombie actions held the main attention of people, not the sequences of the journey. It’s like people would remember zombies flying out of the plane, but not Lane’s crew telling about the origins.

World War Z puts a twist on the zombie genre. Lane’s journey is overshadowed by zombie action but who doesn’t like zombie fighting. The movie is still able to give a good storyline that has its leading points. When paired with the heavy packed zombie action it leaves for a movie. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes complete zombie chaos.

“Nature is a Murderer”

-Scientist in World War Z


A brief time at Purdue

Before I came to Purdue I was afraid that I would not have enough time to do any extracorriculars at Purdue. That it was just going to be all homework and no play. Well I was dead wrong. Yes, there is homework but theres ample amount of chances that you can have fun and do activities.

Lets take today as an example. After all my morning classes I had to finish up a little physics homework, but after that I had nothing to do. I had most of my homework assignments done for the week. So a person I had just met from my physics class was going to the rec center. I suggested that we should play raquetball, a sport that neither of us had any experience in. We sort of did a ‘went as we go’ thing when it came to the rules. The way we played might not have been completely the correct way to play raquetball, but it sure as hell was fun. We did get really sweaty and a little banged up, it was totally worth it though. So this short anecdote was suppose to show you that there is always a time to have fun even with school work pressing on your shoulders.

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Hello everyone on wordpress, my name is Ben Bevins but I guess my new nickname for English 106 is “Benji.” I am currently enrolled at Purdue and in english 106. The reason I am making this blog is because I am required to for this class.